Heist & Roth is a high-end brand specializing in skin care and beauty products. The brand identity is inspired by a female figure both strong and extroverted while maintaing a very delicate and feminine touch. I was hired to create the brand’s visual assets, including typography, logo, brand symbolism, and the visual mood for future packaging concepts.

The clean and cute face of the logo is complemented by strong typography elements, and the color gamma is inspired by natural skin colors. The illustrations on the packaging are all based on lines and are designed to be very simple, like the face symbol in the logo.

(Source: behance.net, via typographie)


Check out F Ron Miller's unused poster art for A Hard Day’s Night

“There were many hands on deck for this one and I was one of the designers asked to contribute some cover cover concepts. Ultimately Criterion went with a solution by the estimable Rodrigo Corral but for a while these were a contender. At the time we hadn’t settled on a color solution. There were dozens. Here’s four. One for each Beatle.”

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Type of Letters

Created by Niral Parekh, 3,000 pieces of mail on a mail cubby to spell “Type.” The project took Best of Show in this year’s TDC Communication Design competition.

(Source: behance.net)


Cerovski Identity by Bunch

Clean and colorful - this is the distinctive brand identity created by Bunch for Cerovski, a print production studio.

Check out more information on WE AND THE COLOR.

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